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The Policy and Services Research Data Center (PSRDC) informs public policy and program development through the timely collection, integration, and analysis of data. Founded in 1996, we are a recognized leader in the management and dissemination of mental health data generated throughout Florida and beyond. Located within the Department of Mental Health and Policy, the PSRDC serves academic departments across the University of South Florida, along with a variety of local, state, and federal organizations.

We welcome new collaborations with public and private entities interested in mental health policy research. Our available services are described below. Please contact us for additional information about how the PSRDC can enhance and support your data-driven research efforts.

Charles Dion

Director of the PSRDC

E-mail: cdion@fmhi.usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-3656


Core PSRDC services include:

  • Research Design & Project Planning
  • Analytic Design
  • Programming & Analysis
  • Application Development
    • Administrative Applications
    • Data Entry Applications
    • Data Management & Manipulation Applications
    • Web-based Applications & Surveys
    • Data Entry & Management
    • Web Communication & Data Dissemination
    • Spanish translations
  • Data Source Development & Management

Each of these core services is described in more detail below. In addition, the PSRDC staff has experience in and can assist with:

  • Contract Management
  • Statistical Consultation
  • Report Writing


Research Design and Project Planning

PSRDC staff assist researchers and agencies design and implement studies utilizing a variety of administrative datasets. (We also help formulate detailed project budgets.) Our diverse and experienced staff remain actively engaged from development of the study questions and hypotheses to assessment of design limitations to interpretation of research results. To best utilize our expertise, we encourage staff involvement early in the research process.

Analytic Design

We work closely with our clients to develop analytic strategies to best answer their research questions. We provide a written plan detailing every project step, including a timeline for completion.

Programming and Analysis

PSRDC staff are highly skilled in utilizing analytic software to generate reports, tables, and other products for our clients. Although we primarily use SAS software, we are experienced with other analytic programs as well.

Application Development

We create custom software solutions using Microsoft technologies including ACCESS, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, and SQL. For each project we conduct a needs analysis, then design, develop, test, implement, and maintain the software application. We can also provide data entry and implement application systems in production environments. 

Data Source Development & Management

Utilizing raw data from a variety of public and private sources, the PSRDC constructs and maintains multiple large datasets on an ongoing basis. We provide expertise in all activities essential to working with archival datasets, such as data cleaning and reliability assurance. Data is organized to allow easy access and analysis while ensuring security of sensitive information. Regular communication with partnering agencies ensures proper understanding and research use of shared data.

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Enhancing the delivery of mental health and substance abuse programs to Pinellas County residents by encouraging communication and collaboration among all related community providers, organizations, interested government agencies, and educational institutions.

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